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As a seller, you never fully educated. The role includes having a good sales technique, having self motivation and being able to “read” people.

If you’re playing WHAT WOULD YOU SAY? SALESMAN With your colleagues, it gives you as a salesperson and your sales group several development opportunities. First, you get to practice in their role as a salesman in realistic situations and get to answer how to deal with these situations.

You Get direct feedback about the sales colleagues thought the answer was good or less good. As a sales group, you get a good opportunity to create a consensus on different sales situations and the opportunity to share their knowledge and gain knowledge of others.

3 – 6 Players

60 Playing cards, 6 pairs of assessment cards (green and red) and game coins.

WHAT WOULD YOU SAY? SALESMAN is an excellent addition to sales courses and other courses, and is perfect to develop on a kick-off or in an internal meeting that needs to be “seasoned a bit”!

160 € + VAT

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