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Can you, as a leader in a workplace, sometimes feel that you are constantly questioned? That whatever you say, it is misinterpreted? You are not alone, many leaders feel the same. Game WHAT WOULD YOU SAY? Leader may help you get rid of that feeling.

What the game can help you with is training to respond to difficult situations in the leadership role, and get feedback from your colleagues when you explain how to solve them. When you play the game you train yourself in your leadership role and also to reflect on yourself as a leader. You become more confident in the role and get a better consensus with your leader colleagues, where you simultaneously learn from each other in your roles.

3 – 6 Players

60 Playing cards, 6 pairs of assessment cards (green and red) and game coins.

WHAT WOULD YOU SAY? Leader is an excellent complement to leadership courses and other education, and is perfect for development at a kick-off or at an internal leadership meeting that needs to be “seasoned a bit”!

160 € + VAT

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